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  1. Old Ghosts [JECS Ghosts N Edit]

  2. Fed Up Hating [JECS Cut]

  3. Beautiful People [JECS Cut]
    Chris Brown + Benny Benassi

  4. One Nation Army [JECS Bootledit]
    Swedish House Mafia vs. The White Stripes

  5. I'm Not Alone [deadmau5 Remix JECS Cut Trax]
    Calvin Harris

  6. Silhouettes [JECS Cut Trax]

  7. Move For Me [JECS Cut Trax]
    Kaskade + deadmau5

  8. Memento [JECS Cut]

  9. Contact [JECS Cut]
    Glenn Morrison

  10. You And I [deadmau5 Remix JECS Cut Trax]

  11. Before I Knew [JECS Edit]
    Marc Aleksei

  12. Get Berlin Faxing Better [JECS Mashup Trax]
    KMC vs. deadmau5 ft. Sandy

  13. Beneath With Me [JECS Illegal Fusions]

  14. I Will Be Here [Wolfgang Gartner Remix JECS Versions]
    Tiësto & Sneaky Sound System

  15. Walking On The Silhouettes [JECS Mashup Trax]
    Avicii vs. Empire Of The Sun

  16. 60 Mixing Minutes (31-12-2013) [RÉSUMÉ]

  17. deadmau5 trax by JECS

  18. Finished Symphony [deadmau5 Remix JECS Cut Trax]

  19. Spaceship [EDX Remix JECS Cut Trax]
    Benny Benassi ft. Kelis

  20. Take Over Control In Berlin [JECS Mashup Trax]
    Afrojack vs. deadmau5 ft. Eva Simons

  21. Harder Better Faster Stronger [deadmau5 Remix JECS Cut]
    Daft Punk

  22. 777 [JECS Cut Trax]

  23. LoveVoyager [JECS Mashup Trax]
    Daft Punk vs. Lady Gaga

  24. Hydrology [JECS Cut]
    Glenn Morrison

  25. Sweet Reason [JECS Mashup Trax]
    Calvin Harris vs. NERVO

  26. Ghosts N Memories [JECS Mashup Trax]
    David Guetta vs. deadmau5 ft. Kid Cudi

  27. Tell Me Why You're With Sweet Disposition [JECS Mashup Trax]
    Supermode vs. The Temper Trap

  28. Feed Me's Big Adventure [JECS Cut Trax]
    Feed Me

  29. Bangarang EP [JECS Cut Trax]

  30. Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites EP [JECS Cut Trax]

  31. Tell Me Why I Should Cry For You [JECS Mashup Trax]
    Supermode vs. September

  32. Come Fly Away In The Veldt [JECS Mashup Trax]
    Benny Benassi vs. deadmau5 ft. Channing

  33. Tell Me Why I Can't Wait For The Weekend [JECS Mashup Trax]
    Supermode vs. Michael Gray ft. Shena

  34. Finished Weekend Symphony [JECS Mashup Trax]
    Michael Gray vs. deadmau5 ft. Shena

  35. There Might Be Coffee [JECS Cut Trax]

  36. The Veldt Of Cinema [JECS Mashup Trax]
    Benny Benassi vs. deadmau5 ft. Gary Go

  37. Memory Man [JECS Versions]

  38. Come Fly With Clarity [JECS Mashup Trax]
    Zedd vs. Soha & Adam K ft. Foxes

  39. Sweet Disposition [JECS Mashup Trax]
    Mobbing vs. The Temper Trap

  40. Finished Disposition [JECS Mashup Trax]
    The Temper Trap vs. deadmau5


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Brazilian mixer/mashupper/producer

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